7 Responses to “Openvpn Mikrotik Version 5.8”

  1. Gaptek says:

    how do i setup mikrotik server to limit bandwidth FOR each USER by using username and password after installting mikrotik server…

    • ard says:

      If you want to limit bandwith user mikrotik may be it’s not posible today, but if you want to limit user vpn you can limitted by profile or user secret and for to do it, on winbox chose ppp

  2. Lekovski says:

    Hi is any way to set up mikrotik server asi linux server, vith push “redirect-gateway”?

    Basically what i need to do is let all clients connected via VPN use the gateway of the OpenVPN server. This would then let all the clients use the same external IP for the outer world (going through the Gateway of the OpenVPN server). In such a way, all the connected clients would “appear” to the outer world like being located really behind the gateway of the OpenVPN server.

    • ard says:

      You could try replace => route-up “route add MY_LAN mask xxxxx MY_REMOTE_GATEWAY” with => push “route your_server_openvpn”. If don’t work you should add manually on the client

  3. Lekovski says:

    Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately it does not work, Mikrotik Ovpn can not be used as a gateway to the Internet

  4. ramtin says:

    tank you for this tournomets
    i do that i coonected to microtik i see in microtik activiti ! so after i conect my ip dont changed ! and i cant open filtered web sited ?> for example face book !> becaus in my country facebook is filterd by isp !>?
    but when i user pptp or l2tps my ip changed and i can open face book ! so why open vpn dont do that whis my problem ?

    • ard says:

      On my configuration openvpn mikrotik can not change the default route of the client. On the l2tp or pptp the default route of the client will be changed when conneted via pptp or l2tp, I don’t know it’s just bug of the mikrotik or not. For openvpn mikrotik I should add static routing at the client. Maybe this bug will be fix on newer mikrotik OS